Graphic & Web design

From designing a simple poster for your upcoming show to creating a complete professional looking website from scratch to host your music. We can help with it all.

We are offering a few introductory offers to songwriters, musicians and bands.

A full website creation for a 3 page website to promote your music in the best possible way to a design of your choice can cost you as little as £150.

If you would like to hear what we can offer please drop us an email or a facebook message and we will send you back our offers on what we can do for you within design and web-design.

other services

We can offer a lot more from guitar tuition to PA hire. We have been involved in the music scene in many different ways and have the knowledge and passion to help you with your music from getting it ready to being heard and performing live and everytning in between.If you have any queries just drop us an email or you can even ring us for a chat via the contact page above.